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Hebei Xinxin Welding Equipment  Co., Ltd which was founded in 2006. Our company located at Renqiu City, Hebei Province, China, which is a professional manufacturer of  Welding and Cutting equipment and spare parts.
Main Products:Robot welding torch and spare parts. Anti-collision welding torch and spare parts. KH600,XX500,XX350,XX200/180 welding torches and spare parts and Robotic torch which can fit the Panasonic welding machine. XX500,XX350,XX200 welding torches and their spare parts which can fitthe OTC welding machine.XX15AK,24KD,25AK,36KD,40KD and 501D welding torches and spare parts which can mactch with Binzel machine.
WIre-pulling welding torches(length of cable is depended);argon arcwelding torch and Plasma welding torch .Welding torch and spar parts which can fit Miller,Lincoln,PSF,Osaka,TrafimetNors,Feimate etc.
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  • Hebei Xinxin Welding Equipment Manufacture Co.,Ltd has more 17 years of manufacturing experience
  • high quality reliable and stable products
  • considerable service
  • complete product series
  • independent innovation
  • accept OEM
  • High cost-effective products